Enrollment Procedure

Students apply to DECHS in the late fall of their 8th grade year from nine feeder middle schools in three districts as well as home and private schools. All applications are forwarded to a third party who performs a randomized lottery to establish each cohort.  Over the past six years, an average of 120 students have applied each year for the 40 available cohort spaces allotted by DDCC.
Davidson Early College High School is a partnership between Davidson Davie Community College, Davidson County Schools, Lexington City Schools, and Thomasville City Schools. The school is a Cooperative and Innovative High School.


Students at Davidson Early College High School complete their high school graduation requirements through a combination of high school based courses and dual enrollment courses offered through our partnership with DDCC.  Classes taught at the high school level are taught as honors courses and include:

  • Math I, Math II, Math III
  • English I, English II
  • Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry
  • Civics and Economics, World History


Students are also enrolled in a year-long seminar course through the high school each year.


To complete high school graduation requirements and meet DDCC degree requirements and UNC admission requirements, students also participate in the following dual enrollment courses:

  • MAT 143, 152, 171, 172, 271 (at least 2 of these courses to complete the 4th math requirement for high school and support DDCC degree requirements)
  • ENG 111, 112 or 113, 231/232/233 and 241/242/243 (to complete high school English III and English IV requirements and DDCC degree requirements)
  • BIO 111 and 112 (to complete high school biology requirements and DDCC degree requirements - EOC*)
  • HIS 131 and 132 (to complete high school American History I and II requirements and DDCC degree requirements)
  • SPA 111 and 112 (to complete foreign language requirements for HS graduation, UNC admission, and DDCC degree requirements)
  • PED121 and an additional PED course (to complete high school PE/Health requirement)
  • Other courses as required for the completion of high graduation requirements, degree requirements, and electives