School Profile

What is the Early College?
  • A High School within Davidson County Schools
  • Located on the campus of DDCC
  • Follows a different calendar from DCS
  • Rising 9th grade students can apply
  • Enrollment will be limited to incoming 9th graders
  • A partnership between DDCC, DCS, LCS, TCS, and the Early College Network (ECN).
Basic Facts:
  • High School courses are Honors level only
  • Students take both High School and College classes beginning the 9th grade year
  • Students take Seminar each semester to prepare them academically and socially
  • Students have the opportunity to complete an AA or AS degree by the time they graduate from High School
Student Profile Characteristics:
  • Might not otherwise be able to attend College
  • First in family to graduate from College (First Generation)
  • Gap between potential and achievement
  • Underserved in the college environment
  • Motivated
  • Responsible
  • Above Average Academically
  • Seeking a different high school experience
How many students and staff are at the Early College?
There are 9 staff members and approximately 150 students.

The Davidson Early College High School is one of North Carolina's Cooperative and Innovative high schools.

Early College High Schools are small, autonomous schools where: 

  • Students earn an Associate’s degree or two years of college credit toward the baccalaureate while in high school;
  • Mastery and competence are rewarded with enrollment in college-level courses and the years to a postsecondary degree are compressed; and
  • The middle grades are included or there is outreach to middle grade students to promote academic preparation and awareness of the early college high school option. 

Title IX Information

The Davidson County Board of Education believes all students and employees should be free of unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, as part of safe, orderly, and inviting learning/working environments. The Board is committed to nondiscrimination in all educational and employment activities and expressly prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, religion, veteran status, age or disability. The Board prohibits retaliation against a student or employee exercising rights made available through state or federal law, and also prohibits retaliation for reporting such violations. Policy violation is serious; appropriate action will be taken, up to and including suspension (for students) and termination (for employees).

For additional information contact:

Title IX coordinator: Lydia Hedrick, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Section 504/ADA coordinator: Kelsey Greer

Davidson County Schools ~ P.O. Box 2057, Lexington, NC 27293 ~ Telephone: 336-249-8181