Grading Policies


For Major and Minor Assignments (Tests and Quizzes), students will be graded on mastery of standards taught in class. Grades listed in PowerSchool will be given for individual learning targets/objectives (not a cumulative test grade).  This means that students will receive several grades per test, one for each learning target assessed on the test.  Quizzes will be graded the same way, with less learning targets assessed. 

The following grading scale/rubric is used for all quizzes and tests:
6  (100%) – You have mastered the concept and have explained thoughts thoroughly.

5 (90%) – You definitely understand the concept, but made minimal mistakes.

4 (80%) – You understand the concept, but are missing skills (shown work).

3 (70%) – You mostly got it, but you are still stuck on some parts.

2 (60%) – You have an idea of what to do, but still need a lot of work.

1 (50%) – You tried the skill but it wasn’t on the right track.  Ask for help!

0 – You left the question blank or showed no conceptual understanding…ask for help right now!!

Partial Credit will be given, so if a student receives a 0%, then it means they did not do the assignment, the test question was left blank, or there was no indication in the answer that the student understood the concept.

Late Work will be accepted, but at a cost. Late assignments will be deducted by 10% for each day they are late. Be sure to pay extra close attention to due dates in Canvas.

Homework will be assigned regularly and is due the next day. If you are absent, I will check it when you return. You are not required to make-up homework from a day you were absent.  No late homework assignments will be accepted.

Reassessments will be available after each unit test for students who did not master the concepts.  

Requirements for Reassessments: 

  1. Students must complete test corrections and correctly fill out a test correction form.
  2. Students must complete ALL homework for that unit.
  3. Students must meet with Mrs. Greer for remediation
  4. Students must schedule time with Mrs. Greer to complete reassessment.
  5. Reassessment grades replace original, regardless of outcome.