General Information
1) What is the Early College?
2) Basic Facts
3) Student Profile Characteristics
4) How many students and staff are at the Early College? 

1)  Q What is the Early College?
  • A High School within Davidson County Schools
  • Located on the campus of DCCC
  • Follows a different calendar from DCS
  • Rising 9th grade students can apply
  • Enrollment will be limited to incoming 9th graders
  • A partnership between DCCC, DCS, LCS< TCS, and NC New Schools
2)  Q Basic Facts:
  • High School courses are Honors level only
  • Students take both High School and College classes beginning the 9th grade year
  • Students take Seminar each semster to prepare them academically and socially
  • Students have the opportunity to complete an AA or AS degree by the time they graduate from High School
3)  Q Student Profile Characteristics:
  • Might not otherwise be able to attend College
  • First in family to graduate from College (First Generation)
  • Gap between potential and achievement
  • Underserved in the college environment
  • Motivated
  • Responsible
  • Above Average Academically
  • Seeking a different high school experience
4)  Q How many students and staff are at the Early College?
There are 10 staff members and approximately 130 students.