Inclement Weather Info
Inclement Weather Info
Posted on 01/05/2015
Inclement Weather Info

It is that time of year again when we start to think about bad weather and possible school closings and delays.

DECHS is unique with closings and delays…we must follow two schedules.

The basics with inclement weather are as follows

1. For HIGH SCHOOL courses at DECHS, we will follow Davidson County Schools announcements and plans.  For instance, if Davidson County Schools are closed, the HIGH SCHOOL portion of the program at DECHS will be closed.  If Davidson County Schools is on a delay, the HIGH SCHOOL portion of DECHS will delay and no activities scheduled before the delay will occur (i.e. if it is a 2 hour delay, students will not meet any high school activities until 10am...activities before 10am will be cancelled or postponed) 

2. For COLLEGE courses at DECHS (those courses taken through DCCC) we will follow announcements and guidelines posted by DCCC.  If DCCC is closed, then there will be no DCCC courses that day.  If DCCC is on a delay, then you report to the DCCC courses you would be in when the campus opens (for example, if DCCC is delayed until 10am, you would report to whatever DCCC class you would normally be in that day at 10am…classes meeting before the college’s delayed opening would not meet). 

There may be days when DCCC is open or delayed and Davidson County Schools are closed.  You should report to DCCC courses and follow their schedule. DECHS officials will be on campus those days if needed and room 116 and/or 118 will be open.

When inclement weather occurs, you will get lots of notifications.  Davidson County Schools will do messages via phone, text, etc. and post on the Davidson County Schools website.  DCCC will also do messages via phone, text and post on their website and/or in Moodle.  In addition, we at DECHS will post specific messages about DECHS schedules and use the phone messenger service and email. You should also have updates available through local television and radio. If you still have questions, you can always feel free to email Mrs. Gentry at  Mrs. Gentry is also available by cell phone: 336-240-4861(after 7am and before 9pm).

Safety is our top priority.  If ever you feel that weather conditions would not allow you to travel safely to DCCC for your college or high school classes, please communicate with instructors at both the high school and college.  You should explain the situation and schedule any time for make-up opportunities. Also, be sure you check emails from your seminar teacher and high school teachers, as well as Moodle and email from college instructors so that you can get updates.