Questions and Answers
What happens if my laptop becomes damaged?
Students are responsible for completing a Damage Form within 24 hours of an incident and they should submit the laptop for repair.

What if my laptop is stolen?
In the case of theft outside of school, a police report should be filed immediately.

Can I install software on the computer?
No. Downloading and installing software applications is prohibited by anyone other than Technology staff.

I'd like to be able to print to my home printer. Can I do that?
Sure. Just bring the software or model name/number of your printer to the Technology staff and we will be glad to get the software installed.

Can I connect the laptop to my home wi-fi network?

I'd like to carry my laptop in my bookbag with my books rather than using the computer bag. Is that OK?
No. Your computer should be carried in the computer bag that you were assigned. Keep your books in your regular bookbag.

How do I clean the screen of my laptop?
The technology staff and every teacher has a container of Screen Cleaning Wipes. Never use Windex or water to clean the screen.

Can I add stickers to my computer?

Can I change the desktop image on my laptop?
Unfortunately, we don't have the time to police whether or not self-selected desktop images are appropriate or not. Therefore, there are several desktop images already installed on your laptop that are approved for use. You must choose one of these.